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Production line

Precast Concrete Planks

Tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of precast concrete products, including lattice girder floor, double wall, insulated double wall, solid floor, solid wall, sandwich wall, façade panel, precast pillars and beams, Staircases, 3D precast elements, Omega beams, reverse Omega beams, T beams, TT beams with lower plate and I-beams, pillars, plinths, gutters, V-beams, curved tunnel beams and New Jersey beams etc.

EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Planks

EPS sandwich wall panel production line can produce different thickness of EPS sandwich panel,There are many types in the market and the best and easy to use sandwich panels are the Aerated core sandwich panel and the EPS sandwich panel. Both these panels are made of fiber board and core material ( Fly ash, cement, EPS, aluminum) stuffed between the two boards. These EPS and aerated core sandwich panels are light weight, easy to construct and have excellent seismic properties. 

Precast Concrete Wall Panels Planks

The precast concrete wall panels battery mould machine can produce lightweight hollow core wall panels,GRC wall panel, precast concrete exterior wall panels, precast concrete interior wall panels, fence panel, foam concrete wall panel, CLC wall panel, precast hollow core wall panels with insulation, precast hollow core wall panels etc. which is smooth surface, lightweight and non-deforming after installation, It is a new-type non-loading bearing material with good fire prevention, moisture proof,good sound insulation, heat insulation used as partition wall board and exterior wall board.

Precast Hollow Core Slab Production Line

1. The precast concrete hollow core slab machine is used for the production of           prestressed concrete hollow core slab, Beam, Lintel, H beam, T beam etc.

2. The machine uses slipformer and extruder technology.

3. The machine can make 1.4-1.6m/min hollow core slab.

4. The prestressing system can prestress the steel wire.

About us


SOKE Precast Machine Co., Ltd. was formerly an OEM supplier of machinery and production plants for precast concrete products in China. Including precast concrete planks for interior and exterior walls, precast concrete plant for sandwich panel, Double wall, solid wall, Precast concrete lintels machine, precast/prestressed hollow core planks for slab and floor, foam technology lightweight hollow core panel machines,

Precast concrete planks and machinery

precast concrete steps mould, T and TT beam mould, and other precast elements. We plan your entire factory and develop, manufacture and deliver your production plant using our in-house know-how in machine and control technology: from project enquiry to after-sales service. 

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SOKE Precast Concrete Machine Co.,Ltd

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