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Curing Warehouse and Temperature Control System

Curing Warehouse and Temperature Control System


The Curing Warehouse is to store the concrete components in the curing Warehouse. After several stages, such as static, heating, constant temperature, cooling, the solidification strength of the cement components can meet the requirements.

Equipment Composition

It consists of Warehouse body, steam system (or radiator system), temperature control system, etc. Set up specific curing number according to production demand.

Its basic structure is as follows:

(1) It consists of 2 x 4 6-storey holes, of which 2 are in-and-out conveying stations, i.e. 46 curing stations, and the Warehouse has thermal insulation doors.

(2) Curing Warehouse adopts steel structure bracket, roller is installed in Warehouse for conveying and supporting template; Curing temperature control system includes electrical control system (central controller, control cabinet), hot air circulation device, temperature sensor and so on. It can be adapted to different curing processes according to the needs.

Functional introduction

The Warehouse body of three-dimensional curing Warehouse is composed of profiled steel. The supporting wheel is installed on the frame, and the supporting wheel is modular design. The exterior wall of the Warehouse is made up of thermal insulation materials, each row constitutes an independent curing space, which can control the temperature of each hole position separately. The solidification strength of prefabricated components can meet the design requirements through several stages, such as static, heating, constant temperature and cooling, in the three-dimensional curing warehouse. The bottom of the warehouse body is provided with two ground rollers for inward and outward conveying, and the template can pass along the ground rollers. The central controller adopts industrial computer and friendly operation interface, which is convenient for man-machine interaction and suitable for field use. The curing warehouse has perfect functions, such as setting process temperature parameters, such as temperature gradient, setting maximum temperature, recording curve or report of real-time temperature, printing report of data, playback of historical real-time record of temperature, etc. The control cabinet is composed of PLC and industrial temperature controller, multi-point temperature sensor, humidity sensor, multi-channel digital and analog signal input module. After receiving the technological parameters of the upper computer, the closed-loop control system can be formed by itself. According to the temperature sensors arranged in the curing warehouse, the temperature signals of different positions can be collected, and the steam-curing valves can be automatically adjusted to form a temperature environment which meets the requirements of temperature gradient and has no temperature step change.

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