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Precast Concrete Panel Production Line

Tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of precast concrete products, including lattice girder floor, double wall, insulated double wall, solid floor, solid wall, sandwich wall, façade panel, precast pillars and beams, Staircases, 3D precast elements, Omega beams, reverse Omega beams, T beams, TT beams with lower plate and I-beams, pillars, plinths, gutters, V-beams, curved tunnel beams and New Jersey beams etc. 

Precast Wall Panel Production Line

The production line can produce GRC wall panels, lightweight hollow core wall panel machine, solid wall panel machine, fencing wall panel machine, composite concrete wall panel machine, Foam concrete wall panel machine with different kinds of materials. 

EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line

1. Automatic controlled by PLC Controller.

2. Vertical mould car can move automatically.

3. Rail transfer system is remote controlled.

4. Wall panel machine can make wall panels          with board (calcium silicate board or fiber        cement board), or panels without board. 

Prestressed Hollow Core Slab Production Line

1. The machine is used for the production of           prestressed concrete hollow core slab,             Beam, Lintel, H beam, T beam etc.

2. The machine uses slipformer and extruder        technology.

3. The machine can make 1.4-1.6m/min hollow        core slab.

4. The prestressing system can prestress the        steel wire.

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