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Precast concrete wall panel production line 

Wall panel production line
HL2000 mixer

Mixing system

The mixing system including

1. Silos

2. Screw conveyor

3. Weighting system

4. Water supplying system

5. Steel frame

6. Mixer

7. Control system

8. Foaming machine

Pipe pulling machine

Pipe pulling machine

  1. The pipe pulling machine will be assembled on steel frame which suitable the height of wall panel moulding machine

  2. The Pipe pulling machine is 2 T pipe pulling machine, having enough force to pull out 7pcs pipes at a time.

  3. The pipe pulling machine will be movable for pulling in different places.

  4. The pipe pulling tools will be supplied along with the machine.

Mortar pump

Mortar pump

The mortar pump machine including

1. Mortar pump machine

2. Hopper

3. Steel frame with wheels

 The mortar pump will move the rail, transport the mixed mortar to wall panel moulding and pump the mortar into wall panel moulding machine

Foaming agent

Foaming machine

1.Foaming system uses electronic foaming and frequency conversion metering pumping technology, can accurately control the amount of foaming agent.
2. Foaming agent metering adopts frequency conversion metering pump, can accurately control the amount of foaming agent.

3. Using the most advanced high-pressure pneumatic pumping system, synchronously achieve big output and high transport height, easy maintenance and low cost.

Lightweight wall panel machine

Hollow core wall panel machine

1.  High degree of automation equipment,  hydraulic opening and closing 

2. Simple operation and high efficiency, low labor intensity.

3. The machine can also be equipped with vibrator system for thick mortar

4. The Pipes, using steel pipes inside. PVC pipe fixed outside.

wall panel machine

Panel lifting machine

1. Lifting out 10 panels at a time

2. Automatic moving and lifting system

3. Adjustable for different size of wall panels

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