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Hollow core slab production line


Batching plant

PLD concrete batching machine is one type of automatic machine which can corollary use with mixer according to customers demand .It can automatically complete the sand, stone, cement and more than two materials assignment proportion procedure.

  1. Accurate weighing, high precision batching, high speed, and accurate controlling.

  2. It can match many types of mixer machine, and easy to move and install.

  3. It is ideal machine in producing high quality concrete.

Precast concrete hollow core slab machin

Hollow core slab machine

  1. The machine is used for the production of prestressed concrete hollow core slab.

  2. The machine uses slipformer and extruder technology.

  3. The raw materials are cement, sand and aggregate.

  4. The machine can make 1.4-1.6m/min hollow core slab.

  5. The prestressing system can prestress the steel wire.


Concrete mixer

This machine is twin shaft forcing type agitation, which is suitable in each kind of middle and small type precast element, the water conservation, the bridge, the road, the port and industry and civil building construction. It can stir dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and kinds of mortar.

hyz prestress machine.JPG

Prestressing machine

Hydraulic system prestressing machine

Prestressing 5-12.5mm steel wires

HDT cutter - 副本.JPG

Slab cutting machine

Automatic hollow core slab cutting machine

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