About us

SOKE Precast Machine Co., Ltd. was formerly an OEM project factory which customized professional production lines for PC factories. In August 2008, under the background of the vigorous promotion of assembly building by the state, the Group came into being with more than 20 years of experience in intelligent manufacturing and mechanical processing equipment as the basis, and has professional R&D centers and technical teams at home and abroad.

SOKE Precast Machine Co., Ltd. has nearly 50,000 square meters of modern standard workshop, as a professional supplier of assembly building complete equipment. The company provides customers with: plant planning, plant building services, process planning, professional customized PC production lines, equipment installation and services, PC mold design and manufacturing, production process training, installation training and other services, to provide customers with a one-stop overall solution.

SOKE Precast Machine Co., Ltd. has established strategic partnership with steel suppliers, PLC electrical control system suppliers, electrical parts suppliers and other suppliers. It has the best purchasing power in the industry, and strives to provide customers with overall equipment solutions with higher cost-performance ratio and maximum efficiency. At the same time, the company makes use of equipment solutions in Italy and other countries. German R&D team provides strong technical and technological support for itself. In order to ensure the reliability of products, key equipment is imported from abroad. We know that providing high-quality products and services to our customers is the only way for our long-term sustainable development. Sanying Jianke takes focusing on customers'concerns and needs, providing competitive customized PC production line overall solution as its responsibility, continuously creating maximum value for customers, striving to surpass and pursue excellence.

Lightweight concrete wall panel machine

The wall panels produced by SOKE Machine have superior performance such as lightweight, energy-saving, fast installation, environment-friendly, high efficient, solid, earthquake proofing, fireproof, heat preservation, sound insulation and waterproof. The wall panel products are adequate for high-rise buildings and modification works, such as locule walls, separating walls, kitchen, wash room, facing materials for interior and exterior of building walls, and are one of the best choices of wall materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings, and public constructions.

The speed of construction and labor-saving: 3 workers can build a wall of 15m2 in 1 hour.

Saving of mortar: the mortar needed for works is just 20-25% compared to using traditional brick and 40-50% compared to using AAC of CLC blocks.

Ease of installation: electric and communication cables, pipelines can be installed much easier, cheaper and faster.

Lower construction costs: the final cost to build 1m2 of a wall by SOKE concrete panels is 40-50% lower compared to clay bricks wall or 70-75% lower compared to AAC/CLC blocks wall. This brings an enormous saving and profit to the investor (not to mention the cost savings from early completion of the project and about 30% reduction of the foundation cost thanks to the light weight of the wall).

Energy savings: SOKE lightweight wall panels are suitable for high-rise buildings construction. It helps to save energy bill by reducing the cost of air conditioning, heating due to great heat & sound insulations.

Environment-friendly: this is an environmentally friendly product, encouraged by many countries in the efforts to protect the environment, eliminating the CO2 from clay bricks production which brings about climate change.

Prestressed concrete hollow core slab machine

The machine is using slipformer and extrusion technology, it can produce Prestressed hollow core slab, Concrete beam, Concrete lintel, Concrete H beam, Concrete T beam etc. of house or building. The machine is making the precast product  through mechanical squeezing. It uses the vibrator to compaction the beam and make the cement, sand and stone etc. fastening together.

We are having many types of the precast products Forming Machine; different model can produce different kinds of beam to make different building..

  1. The machine uses slipformer and extruder technology.

  2. The raw materials are cement, sand and aggregate.

  3. The machine can make 1.4-1.6m/min hollow core slab.

  4. The prestressing system can prestress the steel wire.

  5. The machine can make different sizes of Prestressed hollow core slab,Concrete beam, Concrete lintel, Concrete H beam, Concrete T beam etc.