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Pre-curing system

Pre-curing system

  • Pre-curing system


    Pre-curing system of precast elements consists of steel structure bracket, insulation film, steam pipeline, maintenance temperature control system including electrical control system (central controller, control cabinet), temperature sensor and so on.

     Equipment Composition

    Curing passage is composed of steel structure bracket and curing shed (steel-rock wool-steel material), which is placed above the conveyor line, and the template of belt products can pass through. In the channel, the pre-curing station automatically starts and stops, and the central controller adopts the industrial computer. It has perfect functions, such as setting process temperature parameters, such as temperature gradient, setting maximum temperature, recording curve or report of real-time temperature, printing report of data, playback of historical real-time record of temperature, etc. The control cabinet is composed of PLC, industrial temperature controller and multi-point temperature sensor. Multi-channel digital and analog signal input module. After receiving the technological parameters of the upper computer, the closed-loop control system can be formed by itself. According to the temperature sensors arranged in the curing shed, the temperature signals of different positions can be collected and the steam valves can be automatically adjusted to form a temperature environment without temperature step change which meets the requirements of temperature gradient in the curing channel.

    Functional introduction

    An automatic monitoring system is used to monitor the steam curing process. It can automatically control the temperature in the curing channel, and the design curing time is about 0.6 hours.Technical configuration in curing temperature control system:

    (1) The PLC with analog input module is installed in the control cabinet to detect and control. Digital monitor industrial computer is used for channel parameter setting, data acquisition and management.

    (2) Temperature sensors and control valves are used to control the gas supply network.

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