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Mobile Squeeze Mortar Pump

Mobile Squeeze Mortar Pump


  • Mobile Squeeze Mortar Pump

    1. Convenient installation, simple operation, continuous long time operation;

    2. The pump sends various fibers and paste, cut the sensitivity, abrasion or gas liquid solid mixture of perfect choice, the material of less than 4-6mm in diameter;

    3. Can be easily pump fluid erosion, high viscosity, high density of the fluid, and the paste fluid;

    4. The mortar pump not need replace the seals, gaskets, impeller rotor, various pump stator or traditional internal components;

    5. Pump clockwise movement and no reflow and siphon phenomenon, and has cut-off valve function; inversion, fluid can be sent out and suck back;
    6. Pump fluid and speed is proportional, can accurately measure.

  • Specification



    Max.flow (m3/h)


    Rotation rate(r/min)




    Max.temperature ()


    Interface form

    Flange DN100

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