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Pallet stacker

Pallet stacker

  • Pallet stacker

    Production pallets with freshly poured concrete elements are stacked in a rack system for curing. Pallet stacking is automatically effected by a pallet stacker controlled.
    For optimum utilisation of factory floor space the pallets are stacked in racks one above the other. The stacker lifts the pallets onto the required rack level and moves them in and out again. Various pallet stackers are available according to the plant configuration. The rack systems can be provided with an optional heating device. 

    1. Servo control system is used to make the starting and stopping of traveling speed transition smoothly and the traveling distance control accurately.

    2. The rack-and-pinion structure and servo motor are used on both sides, so that the synchronization of the two sides can be perfectly controlled, and the front and rear warehouses can be aligned without difference.

    3. Lifting system adopts hoisting technology to control the smooth movement of upper and lower layers of the platform; absolute encoder is used to calculate the absolute position to slow down and stop in advance according to the target layer, forming double-insurance positioning layer height with the level proximity switch, reducing the impact on the hoister and the hoister, and achieving precise positioning so as to make the whole platform fall quickly and accurately. On the support bolt;

    4. The control system is divided into three modes: manual, semi-automatic and semi-automatic, which can meet various production requirements. The semi-automatic mode control logic has storage function and can achieve breakpoint continuity. The semi-automatic access operation which is interrupted unexpectedly can continue to run at breakpoint after troubleshooting, reducing operation time and improving work efficiency. 

    5. The equipment is equipped with hydraulic push rod, which matches with the driving wheel, so that the die can enter and exit the maintenance warehouse without jamming.

    6. The palletizer is loaded with a deceleration switch, the front and rear silos have deceleration switches, and the front and rear silos have induction protection, which greatly enhances the safety factor.

    7. The control system has powerful logic, many interlocking and interlocking functions, perfect docking with pipeline system, many interlocking monitoring points in warehouse and out warehouse, and safe and reliable operation.

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