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Tilting equipment

Tilting equipment

  • Tilting equipment

    The tilting equipment is designed to bring cured wall panels into an almost vertical position. The elements can therefore be transported in their subsequent installation position. A movable ladder facilitates the deshuttering process of the elements for the operator.

    Upon request, the tilting equipment is also available to be bypassed at the rear.

    1. The formwork is fixed on the bracket protection mechanism, and the horizontal plate can be turned over 85 - 90 degrees, so that the products can be lifted vertically.

    2. The side force demoulding machine is composed of overturning device, bracket protection mechanism, electrical system and hydraulic system. The turning device is composed of two turning arms with the same structure. The turning mechanism can be divided into fixed pedestal, turning arm, bracket and template locking device.

    3.The revolving platform for demolishing the side die is conveyed by roller to the turning station, the die locking device fixes the template, the supporting plate protection mechanism holds the bottom edge of the product, the top of the turning cylinder extends, the turning arm begins to turn, when the turning angle reaches 85-90 degrees, the turning stop, the product is lifted vertically, and the turning template is reset.

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