Lightweight EPS sandwich panel machine

Lightweight EPS sandwich panel machine


  • Lightweight wall panel machine is suitable for Lightweight wall panel,internal wall panel, external wall panel,concrete fence panel, EPS sandwich wall panel, solid wall panel and MGO wall panel of various materials. The thickness, length can be adjusted; the use of a machine (60, 90, 120, 150, 180) can be produced. This machinery can produce Hollow panel(KPB), Solid panel(SPB), Reinforced Panel(JPB) and Sandwich Panel(FPB), with advantage of flexible investment, one set of machinery can produce various panels, It is suitable for both small and large manufacturing on production.


    • High degree of automation equipment,  hydraulic opening and closing 

    •  Simple operation and high efficiency, low labor intensity.

    • The machine can also be equipped with vibrator system for thick mortar

    • Mound layer for top groove, The aluminum part with plastic coating for tongue profile to guarantee the precision of top groove


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