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Typical Layout of Six PC Production Lines

Conventional circulation systems 3+1

precast concrete planks Land demand:

Total area: about 80,000 square meters

Building area of workshop: 20,000 square meters

Component stocking area: 40-50,000 square meters

Other: office buildings, dormitory buildings, etc.

Composition of plank:

The standardized workshop is a steel structure workshop with 4 spans (1 span is 200 m*long and 27 m wide).

Including an automatic production line for exterior wall panels, an automatic production line for interior wall panels and laminated panels, a stationary precast production line and a steel bar process production line. Annual design capacity is 200,000 cubic meters.

precast concrete types:

Plate components: including all kinds of precast panels such as exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, composite floor panels, air conditioning panels, etc.

Special-shaped components: PCF panels, stairs, balconies, floating windows, beams and columns

Plant construction cycle:

The total project period is 6-9 months (including 90 days of production line installation)

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