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The speed of construction and labor-saving: 3 workers can build a wall of 15m2 in 1 hour.

Saving of mortar: the mortar needed for works is just 20-25% compared to using traditional brick and 40-50% compared to using AAC of CLC blocks.

Ease of installation: electric and communication cables, pipelines can be installed much easier, cheaper and faster.

Lower construction costs: the final cost to build 1m2 of a wall by SOKE concrete panels is 40-50% lower compared to clay bricks wall or 70-75% lower compared to AAC/CLC blocks wall. This brings an enormous saving and profit to the investor (not to mention the cost savings from early completion of the project and about 30% reduction of the foundation cost thanks to the light weight of the wall).

Energy savings: SOKE lightweight wall panels are suitable for high-rise buildings construction. It helps to save energy bill by reducing the cost of air conditioning, heating due to great heat & sound insulations.

Environment-friendly: this is an environmentally friendly product, encouraged by many countries in the efforts to protect the environment, eliminating the CO2 from clay bricks production which brings about climate change.

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